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We've just released #Halcyon 2.3.2 with the following changes:
- Add management for blocked and muted accounts in settings
- Add management for follow requests in settings
-> Update your nginx.conf or Caddyfile
- Add Catalan translation
-> Enable the ca_ES locale
- Add profile sidebar to notifications page
You can download it from
-> Still miss your language?Help translating at
We've just released #Halcyon 2.3.0 with the following changes:
- Add support for creating polls
- Add support for voting
- Add notification for finished polls
- Optimize internal counter for amount of toots
- Improve Czech translation
- Bugfix: Remove blue bars between unrelated posts in dark theme (already fixed for light theme)
- Bugfix: Full picture height is only supported for one picture per toot
You can download it from
#Halcyon - A webclient for Mastodon and Pleroma which looks like Twitter:
Can't wait for the new poll feature of #Mastodon ?We too so we've been working on bringing it to #Halcyon as soon as possible!Viewing them and answering isn't possible right now but they can already be created.Viewing and voting should be finished next week.You can already have a look at the poll editor here.How do you like it? #HalcyonDev #HalcyonLeaks
The last time I looked I found #Halcyon not convincing. It looked like a cheap outdated clone of Twitter. I find #Pinafore much better, cause it looks fresh and original. That's why I created

But if people really want Halcyon on, please let me know.
testing #halcyon, because @Gargron mentioned that many might have left #mastodon because of it's UI.

this halcyon looks just like twitter. So, no excuses for people on twitter leaving masto because of it's UI.

Beside that, there are other plattforms with other UI that are part of the fediverse.

for example:

#pixelfed similiar to #instagram
#peertube similiar to #youtube
#hubzilla smiliar to #facebook
#gettogether similar to #meetup
#funkwhale similiar to #soundcloud

what ever plattform one is choosing, they will add to fediverse network effect and by that brining value to the entire fediverse. Diversity is our strengh, and we can make better use of it. 1/2
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